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People those who think of becoming world-class salesmen seldom do it and never reach exceptional heights in their life. But Chris Bowser is an amazing salesman who gave practical shape to his vision and has reached number one position in Chrisbowser Amazon auction sales. He thanks Amazon website, his brother Adam and his worldwide customers for helping him to achieve this fete. When he started his career as an auction salesman did not think that he will become world number one auction seller. He always admires the sales promotion techniques that are followed by Amazon and loves selling hundreds of products through this website. Amazon always helps the FBA members in several ways and directs them to the path of victory.

Chris bowser says that one has to understand thoroughly the internet marketing techniques and spectacular terms and conditions of Amazon through him. Individuals those who traveled several miles to purchase unique and rare products in the market are able to purchase tons of products just by sitting in their homes through Amazon. Amazon has opened its network to several populous nations like China, India, Africa and Europe and selling its products wonderfully. Marketing team working in Amazon team are legends those who think everything from a different perspective. Amazon is steadily increasing its online customer base through it world-class marketing techniques. Customers will not face any challenges when they purchase products through this website since they deliver the products immediately. Offers, discounts, promotions, new arrivals and products of Amazon are incredible.

Chris who has taken world class training to thousands of students is becoming a role model for auction sellers. Students those who enroll in his training sessions will get free videos about Amazon auction selling and other useful manuals about Amazon. Chris is selling used and new products through Amazon and other auction websites right from his college days and no other auction sellers in the world will have knowledge about auction about him. This guy has also trained real estate barons, corporate heads, executives and other directors of the global conglomerate. Check out his upcoming training schedules and enroll in one of his sessions.  This guy has widened his customer base only through social networks.

This multifaceted business entrepreneur and trainer love to be connected to social websites to stay updated on current events. He maintains his own websites, blogs, company and online auction training center.  Chris coaches his students professionally in his training academy and nurtures their exceptional quality. He conducts FBA Seminar in a dynamic way and teaches everything about Amazon auction selling. This flamboyant gentleman is honest in his approach and deals all his students and customers in a gentle manner. Several people are portraying this world famous trainer as a conman and scammer and these negative messages are spreading very fast. But the true fact is this guy is true in his dealing and honest in all his approaches.

Selling on Amazon

Amazon – a competitive online marketplace simplifying selling businesses! Compared to several other online shopping platforms, it functions on a different configuration that is totally customer-centric and stands apart by all means especially in terms of uniqueness. Be it; account settings, logistics, seller rules, product management or the mechanism of feedback, its unexampled out-and-out. Therefore, failing to understand the ground rules of Amazon means your business is not making the grade in the e-commerce platform.

Salesmen are always excited to sell on Amazon, owing to its popularity and the opportunities it offers to its salesmen. But many people who join Amazon leave the marketplace within 6 months of joining. This is because of them committing some blunders. This is common for many new salesmen as they are not well versed in techniques of selling. Here, Chris Bowser reviews the common mistakes of selling on Amazon.

When selling on Amazon, slip-ups are quite common, but listed below are some of the common flaws that are potentially business jolting that you should ponder on. Let’s get started.

Forgetting to collect sales tax

Many salesmen old or new don’t collect sales tax. They then incur a tax liability and end up paying from their own pockets. So salesmen must always remember to gather the sales tax.

Going for one of the top 100 products

It’s not advisable to go in for the top 100 products since the marketplace will be saturated by the time the product reaches it. Sellers of the product are already trying to lower the prices to compete with one another. So, they should not go for higher ranking goods since they will end up losing money.

Going for one of the top 100 products

Going by assumptions

Many international salesmen opt to sell products which they think are hot meaning most wanted by Americans. But this is not a good idea. Before they handpick products for selling, they need to comprehend market trends. For example: lot’s of Americans love to have pets but this does not mean that every pet product will be a hit with the buyer persona. So this is a big mistake and can lead to huge losses.

Going by assumptions

Not fulfilling orders

Initial orders must be in place i.e. salesmen must send the orders in time, enter all the tracking information and ensure that there is stock in the goods. Not fulfilling orders will create a bad reputation with Amazon.

Not fulfilling orders

Undervaluing the effectiveness of social media

Social media accounts propel the popularity of a product to great heights. Good reviews about a product and regular updates by the sellers bring in more business for the product. Social media offers a place for customers to interact and channelizes brand and customer interaction.  Brand loyalty can also be promoted due to social media. Brands can woo customers by complimentary items or freebies and get repetitive customers. On the other hand, bad reviews about a product can be detrimental to the business but this negative situation can be converted into a positive one by being polite. For example: A salesman can apologize to the customer saying that he is sorry for what has happened and he will ensure that it does not happen again. He can also thank the customer for patiently enduring the flaw. Then after he gets a positive reply from the customer, he can request him to remove the negative feedback. It is essential for salesmen to manage their social media accounts very well. If they cannot do it by themselves, they can take the help of qualified professionals in that field.

Undervaluing the effectiveness of social media

Incorrect prices and inventory quantities

As soon as you create a listing on Amazon, in a matter of seconds to minutes, the pricing and inventory quantities go live. Regrettably, there is no virtual space provided by amazing to practice your product listing skills. Designate zero inventories, if there is none and if it has, then try not to overstate. Remember overselling results in account suspension. On every new listing, follow it and make certain that you apply a true price and inventory level; this will protect your business from being wiped away.

Contradictory items and product listings

New sellers on Amazon fail to heed to the sameness of items and product listings. Do not link your products to listings, if they are unlike and try to match that is almost the same, which is never good enough for Amazon.

Late response to customer inquiries

This is one of the most common flaws, as with online selling, it is highly important to respond to your customers every now and then. As an Amazon seller, you will be allotted a time period to respond to customer queries, say 24 hours. And no matter the time of the day, you should get back to them in the given timeframe, if you fail to reply then you will get dinged by Amazon and too many dings will lead to suspension of the account.

Amazon as your contender

You can’t look forward to getting many sales, for the reason that, Amazon Retail controls its capability to succeed the competitive sale at even unsuccessful levels.

Ignoring customer feedback

Customers are the king of any business and overlooking their feedback can ruin your selling. Having said that, Amazon keeps an eye on the seller performance and product quality; in general, customer feedback is tracked for both quality and quantity purposes, (on average 2-5 percent of all sales should get comments). Sometimes, the quantity of the feedback received might perplex you, so new sellers can automate the process by signing up with any one of the service providers to stay failsafe. Not focusing on a negative feedback can have adverse effects on your business. If you are new an Amazon seller, then you should consider monitoring the quality of the feedback and apply changes with too much of negative feedbacks.

If you don’t want to stumble quickly under the new ownership, do not make these common flaws.

Sellers will feel transforming happening within themselves

Amazon auction sellers those who have registered recently will lose their enthusiasm and positivity when they do not know the trending methods. Digital marketing has seen sea changes in the recent past and the old forms of online marketing have become things of the past, says Chris bowser a world-class auction trainer who conducts professional classes at online auction learning center.

A few years back there are only few advertisement tools in digital marketing which was very famous and popular. But now the situation has changed a lot and credit goes only to digital technology. Now, a new concept has evolved in digital marketing which is termed as social media marketing. People those who sit in the upcoming FBA training will get an insight into the social media marketing.

Chris was also using only traditional forms of digital marketing in the past for selling auction products. Now, he has learnt the modern concepts of digital marketing like social marketing, multimedia marketing and website marketing. He will share his thoughts to the new students in the upcoming FBA seminar that will be conducted in one of the major cities.

Social media marketing will be the first step to progress in sales

FBAs should make it a point to interact with new customers through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Clickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Chris is a premium member in almost all the social websites and he specifically likes LinkedIn since he considers as one of the best professional social sites. He chats with corporate heads, real estate brokers, business barons and other commoners through LinkedIn and attracts lots of customers.

If there is a question in the mind of the seller – Will I be able to boldly canvass through social sites? The answer will be yes and anyone those who have little bit of courage in the heart can become members in the social sites and contact several people. Chris himself has solicited business professionally through social sites and sold several auction products.

Chris states that the seller will feel shy to interact with others when they open an account in prominent social sites. Once they understand the concepts of social websites at Chris bowser Amazon workshop they will mingle with all types of customers professionally and improve their sales. Sellers should plan their marketing strategies systematically well in advance and forecast their targets well in future. Targets should be reachable ones and should not be imaginary ones says Chris.

Never store volumes of products in inventory

Sellers those who are overambitious and overconfident will buy thousands of Amazon products in their warehouse and will never sell anything. This is a wrong approach and the sellers should stock only products which are sellable and should stay away from other Amazon products which are not in big demand. The demand for cotton clothing will increase in the summer season and demand for sweaters will increase in cold seasons. So, the new FBAs should register at FBA stores and take part immediately in the next live webinar.


This Chris Bowser review will be of immense benefit to sellers on Amazon FBA. It is important that salesmen read through such tips and equip themselves to increase their sales.

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