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Do you want to make money online? Do you have products that are in demand, but you don’t have a website to sell them from, and you don’t have the technology to build a site? Did you know you can sell products online and make good money doing so without a website. The object is to use online auction websites to do the selling for you. Online auction websites provide the foundation and platform so you can sell what you have without any technical knowledge, other than to create a profile and fill in the auction details.

There are currently a number of online auction sites. Each one plays by its own rules. If you really want to be successful with online auction sites, you need to know about them, so you’ll know which is the best one to work with. This is what this article is about. I will briefly discuss the top five auction sites, and will provide the most often visited and used auction site online.


The first one is uBid. You will find uBid is rather different from other online auction sites. The reason is its uniqueness. uBid doesn’t always depend on members to sell items. They often post items they have for sale by means of their uBid warehouse.  As such, they always have items available for sale. The bad part of uBid is that you may not get the kind of deal you want.  Despite this downside to it, the auction site is reliable where you can come to purchase consumer electronics or whatever you need. In addition, uBid is primarily for business people.  Therefore, if you want to sell an item, you better be registered as a business.


The best part of WeBidz is its search and category features. The site uses Auction Manager that controls your auction inventory. You can sell whatever you wish on WeBidzfor free.  You can also register as a free member.  However, if you wish to become a verified seller, you will need to pay five dollars. By paying five dollars, you can have access to more advanced features. When you do list your item, WeBidz will help promote your listing by showing it on the front page and within a certain category you choose.  When you do sell your item, you will have a number of options to help your auction item succeed. You can use a sub-title to express more fully what you are selling. You are also given a page counter. This way you can keep track of the number of people that hit your auction item.


Overstock has been a great place to buy and sell products. People have been using the site to sell for a few years. The site also has a great auction with terrific features. You have to be a member to use those features and auction. The downside to it is the lack of fancier seller features that you might find on other auction sites like pre-filled information, private auctions, and you can’t block bidders.  The good part is the site provides details about each user on the system including buying and feedback details.


To start with, eBidwas rated by Top Ten Reviews as the Bronze Winner for the best auction site next to eBay. The auction site has a solid user base. They also offer a variety of features and tools that are available to buyers and sellers.  They also charge no fees for listing an auction.  It will cost you nothing to join eBid.  You just have to pay a final value fee, unless you prefer to apply for Seller+ status. Your fees would be anywhere from $2 – $50. By having a Seller+ status, you don’t have to pay final value fees.


Top Ten Reviews rated Webstore so highly they gave the auction site a Silver Award. To join Webstore, you don’t have to pay any fees.  With Webstore, you can sell any item you want.  In fact, you can sell a bunch of items at the same time. Webstore uses the concept of garage sales to a new level. You are provided many options for helping you find items you want, as well as plenty of options to help sell what you want. Using the site is simple. The only downside is that there are ads in many places. This is because advertisers pay to keep the site going.

The Number One Fixed Auction Site – Amazon

Let’s face it, no online sales site on the web is growing faster than Amazon. In fact Amazon sales are now regularly exceeding 64 Billion Dollars in Sales. If you are going to be selling Brand New, Refurbished or very rarely used items than I’d recommend Amazon. There’s no better place in my opinion to sell those items. And if you don’t want to have to deal with shipping out each individual sale that you make on Amazon, then shipping off all your products in one large shipment over to Amazon Fulfillment…that will really set you free. With Amazon Fulfillment, you can sell products all day long on Amazon and they handle the individual packaging and shipping. And they charge you a small fee for doing so. Look out for Amazon’s numbers to only grow next year.

The Number One Online Auction Site – eBay

What can be said of eBay. It has been rated as the best auction site online for many years.  Top Ten Reviews gave them a Gold and Excellence Award.  If you ever been at their site, they have a very large selection of categories to choose from. You get to see detailed buyer information.  eBay provides you with many custom selling options and the ability to manage your own account. You can control your e-mail, and listings every easily. The downside is they do have higher selling fees. Otherwise, eBay has been rated as the largest and most complete online auction site in the world. eBay has been around for many years and have a ton of members using the system every day.  The ability to list your item is easy and is provided in steps. As you list your item, you are provided many options that can make your auction experience more fun and successful.  In addition, you get to start your own store and sell items that way.

Of all the auctions sites online, eBay and Amazon are the ones to sell your items. There is a reason for that. When you visit eBay and Amazon, you will find out very quickly why they were rated number one  and two for many years.

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